Jim Dalrymple

Summer Mystery Tour

  • 6 Days | 10 Meals
  • Jul 11 - Jul 16
  • $1,579

Join us for an exciting 5-day mystery tour. We can’t tell you where you’re going, but you’re sure to have fun!

Meet Our Team

Jim Dalrymple

Tour Manager

 St. Louis

Jim was born a young man and grew older in a small coal mining town in Ohio. Through hard work and many hours of study, he along with his future wife, Charlene, graduated from Muskingum College in New Concord, Ohio. He joined Equitable Life of New York upon graduation and remained with them until the early 1990's. Jim and Charlene were faced with a decision at this point. Jim could continue his work as a Divisional Group Manager which necessitated a move, or stay in St. Louis. Jim and Charlene decided to stay in St. Louis and begin new career paths. Sunrise Tours was born in 1994. Please travel with Sunrise Tours and learn the “rest of the story.”