Travel FAQ

Bar Harbor & the Canadian Maritime Provinces

  • 11 Days | 20 Meals
  • Aug 28 - Sep 7
  • $3,399

Featuring the coastal towns and villages of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island


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1) Complete the online reservation form or...
2) Call (314) 926-9049 for St. Louis departures, (314) 926-9049 for Indianapolis departures, and (913) 354-8856 for Kansas City departures or...
3) Fill out the form in the back of the brochure and mail to the appropriate office

New reservations will require a $250 per person deposit unless otherwise noted. As always, your deposit is still fully refundable for any reason until final payment.

We are happy to accept cash, check (preferred) or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) for your deposit.

Absolutely! We’ve had travelers from 43 different states join us on tour. You can fly from wherever you are to meet a Sunrise Tour. We will deduct the price of the airfare built into the tour, and then you are free to book your own air. "Complete the online reservation form (in development, check back soon"

Most people find 1 large bag and 1 carry-on to be plenty for a multi-day tour (the large bag we deliver and pick up from your hotel room, the carry-on you are responsible for transporting). The overhead bins are quite small, however your carry-on can be stored underneath the coach as well. On tours that include a flight, most airlines charge between $25-$40 per checked bag, for which you are responsible for paying.

If you have an urgent issue on the morning of your tour departure, start by calling your tour manager, whose cell phone number is listed on the “pickup letter” of your tour documentation. If during regular business hours, call the main office at (314) 926-9049 (St Louis), (913) 681-2202 (Kansas City), (317) 254-8945 (Indianapolis). If you are unable to reach your tour manager or the office, call the owner of Sunrise Tours; Brent Dalrymple (314) 494-6314.

Gratuities for restaurant and hotel staff are included in the price of your tour. Gratuities for your Sunrise Tour manager and bus driver are left to your discretion, and should be in accordance with services received. Typical gratuities for tour manager and driver are $5-$7 each person, per day.

We often hire step-on guides to enhance your tour. Their fee and a gratuity is included in your tour fare. That being said, if you feel a step on guide enhanced your tour experience, you are welcome to personally offer a gratuity as well. We are sure it is appreciated! [ Notable exceptions: Park rangers are usually prohibited from accepting gratuities. Museum docents will most likely not accept a personal gratuity, but may be persuaded to accept a donation for the institution in lieu of a tip.

For each departure, we determine the pick-up points (listed on the booking form) to be used based on the departure route and the number of requests for each point. If less than 4 travelers request a point, we will not utilize that point and you must choose an alternate location to join the departure. All pick-up points allow parking for your vehicle. Sunrise Tour pick-up point partners offer the use of parking spaces by Sunrise Tours travelers as a courtesy. Neither Sunrise Tours nor parking lot owners assume responsibility for incidents occurring to parked cars. You will be notified of the timing and location of pick-up points for your vacation approximately 2 weeks before departure. If you would like to spend a pre-night before departure, we can provide a hotel room at some of our pick-up points at a reduced rate. If the routing allows, we may pick up along the way in outlying areas.

Trip Protection -- NEW please review
Beginning January 1, 2020, we began offering the Travel Insured Group Deluxe travel protection for all Sunrise Tours. We believe this plan offers excellent travel protection, including coverage for pre-existing conditions in case you need to cancel for medical reasons and the flexibility to purchase coverage with final payment, at a very reasonable price. The cost of travel protection varies and can be found next to the fare listed in the catalog.

We have always felt that travel protection is an individual decision, and therefore have not included it in the cost of our tours. However, we strongly recommend that you purchase the Group Deluxe travel protection for your Sunrise Tours vacation. There are many reasons (lost baggage, medical coverage, etc., please see Travel Insured Group Deluxe Plan document linked below for details) to purchase travel protection but following are two main reasons we highly recommend the plan offered by Travel Insured.

1) Trip cancellation - If you are forced to cancel your Sunrise Tour for medical reasons (for you or an immediate family member), travel protection ensures a complete refund of monies paid (except for the premium paid for the plan).

2) Trip interruption – Unfortunately, there are circumstances that can prevent passengers from fully participating in a tour and may require an early departure or extended stay. For example, if a passenger suffers an injury which requires immediate care and prevents the traveler from continuing the tour, insurance will cover the cost of the extended stay, the cost of transportation home and the value of the missed tour (please see Travel Insured Group Deluxe plan document linked below for details). If you do not purchase travel protection, you will personally incur these costs. From experience, we can tell you that this can be very expensive.

To purchase travel protection, simply indicate that you would like to participate in the Group Deluxe travel plan on your booking form and we will add the premium due to your invoice. Payment for travel protection can be made any time until or along with final payment.

Travel Insured Group Deluxe Plan Documents

Your tour manager is a professional with many years of experience leading group tours. The average tenure of a Sunrise Tour manager is 8 years. While they have some knowledge of all aspects of your tour, we (Sunrise management) don’t expect them to be “content experts” on every locale visited. In addition, on many tours we hire local step-on guides to further enhance your tour.

Cancellations: Please Review

Our cancellation fee schedule varies according to the type of tour. Your deposit is fully refundable up to the final payment due date. On any cancellation made after final payment is due, the following fee schedules apply.

All motorcoach cancellation fee (final payment due 45 days before departure):

  • Cancel 45-15 days before departure 50% of total price
  • Cancel within 15 days of departure 100% of total price

Fly/Train cancellation fee (final payment due 75 days before departure):

  • Cancel 75-61 days before departure 10% of total price
  • Cancel 60-30 days before departure 50% of total price
  • Cancel within 30 days of departure 100% of total price

Cruise and International tours: Refunds for cancellation of cruises and international tours depend on the cruise line or international destination. Please refer to specific tour page or call for details.

We do not distribute name tags on tour for a couple reasons. We did a poll of customers and found the majority were not interested in wearing a name tag. Also for privacy and safety reasons, we don’t think it necessary that every stranger you encounter while traveling knows your name. We place name cards above the seats on the coach which will help you learn your fellow traveler’s names.

Yes, your tour manager will rotate seats on the coach each morning. We will do our best to honor specific seating requests (for example we will honor a request to sit near the front of the coach for people who get motion sickness or friends who want to sit near other), but in general seats will be rotated each day.

We publish a new catalog each January, May/June and September of each year. Each catalog covers about 12 months of tours, so you always have the opportunity to plan well in advance!

Our staff of tour planners are constantly researching all aspects of a tour, especially new hotels, restaurants etc. We often travel to scout out such new features of a tour. We are also members of NTA (National Tour Association) and ABA (American Bus Association), which are national associations of tour operators and vendors who collaborate to provide excellent travel experiences. Our tour managers are also a valuable resource for ideas and impressions of existing and potential tour features as well. Also, we often get suggestions from our beloved travelers!

No, we do not provide bottled water. On tour, you will be served refreshments including juices, soda, water, beer, wine and mixed drinks when the tour manager has the appropriate amount of time on the bus to serve the entire group. We are happy to provide these refreshments, however each guest is responsible for their own hydration.